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Webinar: Manage projects with minimal effort!

  • May 04 / 2017
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Webinar: Manage projects with minimal effort!

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„saprima®: manage projects with minimal effort!“


Before the introduction of a project management tool, questions arise:

  1. Which project management methods are used?
  2. For which disciplines (scheduling, role-, resource planning) should a tool be introduced?
  3. Which departments, subject area have to work with the tool?
  4.   On the basis of which evaluations should which decisions be made?

These questions can always be answered in advance. The tool introduction do not fail during the pilot, but during the rollout or some time after the rollout. The reason for this is often the need for detailed structures and too much data from the individual employees (project managers, resource managers).

  • Why do you have an hourly schedule of employee deployment on activities if they are 2 months long?
  • Why would a team leader request a personal deployment plan per week if his team organized the work itself?
  • Why a resource planning at the lowest level of scheduling?
  • Why employee planning on the activities of a waterfall planned project, when projects are agile?
  • Why…?

In the webinar, we will show how to implement “simple” as well as detailed, complex project management in saprima. We show how to combine classical project management with agile project management …


We want the introduction of a project management tool is an investment in the future!


If you would like a webinar adapted to your requirements, please register here: prefered date



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