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saprima® customer customizations

  • Jun 28 / 2016
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saprima® customer customizations

saprima® support as a standard product, most processes around project management in your company

saprima® can also be precisely tailored to your needs.


  • Regeln
  • Workflows
  • Reports
  • kundenspezifische usecases incl. Frontend und eigener Workflows
  • mobile App’s



The following mechanisms are available, wich does not make it  neccesary, to create a system from the scratch for each customer, which lose releaseability of saprima®
  • Using a Ruleengine

    Using a Workflowengine

  • Usíng a Reportingserver
  • Layouts to create custom input forms
  • Creating of themes
  • centrally configurable as a web application

By using these technologies, we can ensure that the made custom changes in the future saprima® versions will be run.

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