Example 4: Determining project progress using documents

Customer Request

  • Dealing with DIN 9001
  • Quality gates are only achieved when the necessary documents are available.
  • The scheduling with quality gates of projects.

Our solution

  1. Different project templates are created. These are implemented by substructures such as processes, WBS, processes, milestones or quality gates.
  2. Our understresses are shifted with pre- and poststress relationships. In order to get a structure within the templates. Thus the workflow for the automated calculation of the times is possible.
  3. Now projects can be created through our templates.
  4. Projects can have different attributes, which can be freely selected. For example, requirement catalogs, traffic lights and risks can be entered here.
  5. Through our workflow, quality gates are automatically set to achieved when all required documents are available.
  6. The progress of the project is also displayed in documents. This gives you an overview of all missing documents.

Thus, saprima can provide an overview of the project progress of individual projects, but also of all projects in the company. The automated monitoring of the necessary documents is essential when dealing with DIN 9001 and is therefore supported by us.