Typical procedure for the implementation of saprima

saprima Enterprise can be very well adapted to the requirements of your company. Therefore, the first step is to define and develop the requirements.

The persuasion package includes as many licenses as you like plus 3 days of consulting. During these three days the import of your real data can be realized. So you can immediately test saprima with your data. After a test phase, your requirements will be checked and adjusted if necessary. Thus the expanse remains small and the costs can be estimated exactly.

Example 1: Role and Resource Planning

With saprima you can plan projects with role types. Before the realisation, role types must be broken down to employees. In the following you will find a typical application example from our practice

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Example 2: Replace MS Excel

Before switching to saprima, our customers often use Excel for their resource planning. For larger projects or PPM, this can quickly become confusing. Dealing with external systems in Excel is also difficult.. Our logic has the possibility to replace Excel and an uncomplicated connection of SAp or CRM systems.

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Example 3: Project Portfolio Management

Within companies Excel is often used for ressource management. As soon as a matrix organiszation exists or ressources need to be allocated to different projects, it usually becomes very complex.

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Example 4: Determining project progress using documents

Quality management according to DIN 9001 requires a precise control of processes. This is determined by documents. We support these requirements and can map them.

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