Example 3: Project Portfolio Management

Customer Request

  • Different projects are available in SAP and CRM-systems
  • The resource planing was implemented in the departments in MS Excel.
  • Employees are planned in a matrix organisation

Our solution

  1. Within saprima, roles and employees have be created through witch the capacities of the respective role oe employee can be acquired. Cost rates are stored for these.
  2. The existing projects and dated are imported from the external project. Thus we get the complete structure and all information which where already stored.
  3. These projects can be assigned to roles or employees.
  4. The tasks of the project will be estimated. Thus it is possible to spend the workload of the employees and to recognize bottlenecks of unterload in advance.
  5. The actual and target costs per project can now be displayed.
  6. Plan and actual costs can also be compared.