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  • Sep 06 / 2017
  • Comments Off on Webinar: “Why is it difficult to live resource management?” on 2017/09/14 at 11:00 am

Webinar: “Why is it difficult to live resource management?” on 2017/09/14 at 11:00 am

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Resource management is done in any way in any company, no matter how many employees they have. Resource management for the next period usually works because it is performed by resource responsible / teams, with a staff number of max. 15 employees. Since short-term decisions often have to be made here (illness, etc.), this is usually done without tool support and only rarely entered into tools like Excel. But how does it look  with long term planning? Answers to questions such as: “Can we carry out a specific project from resource review in 6 months?” Are often only abdominal decisions!

Why can we answer this question only in an insufficient way?

Resource management is done in different Excel tools for each department?

Various methods are used for the execution of project activities!

– Evaluations are only generated when the management ask for it!

– projects and project ideas, are maintained in different tools and excelsheets!

– There is no shared resource pool!

– Roll planning does not go into emplployee planning!

  • Jun 28 / 2016
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New saprima Version 3.6 released

“saprima® in version 3.6 supports all project participants from project staff to top management

Holistic project management often fails because data are not fully covered. Thereby decision relevant data are not available real-time.

This is not unusualthat project participants, wich have to enter data have the smallest benefit. Therefore it is important, for the introduction of multi-project management, as well as later, to make sure that all participants get maximum benefit through the system.

saprima®, provides in the version 3.6, tools to facilitate the input and offer the possibility of automatically independently perform certain process steps. Also important is a decentralized data capture, which will take place in the future, more and more on mobile devices.

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