saprima bietet nun auch Planmanagement für Bauprojakte an (Planverwaltung)

A complete plan management system was developed on the basis of saprima. This is used to manage plans. Plan management is available both as a browser solution and in the form of an app for mobile devices. The APP for mobile devices also works offline, so that the plans are also available on construction sites where there is no internet connection! The plan management system is designed for everyone involved: The approval process can be handled via a freely configurable workflow. For example, drawing by the architect, approval by the client, then the plan can be sent directly from the application to the authorities. All parties involved always have access to the current or a saved version of the plan. The plan keys are freely configurable. When the plans are imported, the plans are integrated into the configured plan key structure.

The solution in saprima makes it possible to schedule the planning (plan creation to plan approval) with saprima standard tools (GANTT) and to schedule and monitor the architects or drawers in saprima resource management (planning the Planning).

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