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  • May 31 / 2017
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saprima®: Support for the introduction of agile project methods!

When introducing an agile method, questions arise:

  • Can all our company’s projects be agile?
  • How can an effort estimate be made for agile projects?
  • Can agile and classic project methods be combined?
  • What people / roles do I create agile teams? (Scrum Team)?
  • Which sprint length is optimal?

These questions must be answered in advance. Since we have been working successfully with SCRUM for 5 years and have gained experience with our customers, we would share these experiences with you!

Please contact us!


  • May 15 / 2017
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saprima® implementation according to agile method

saprima® can be implemented according to an agile method (based on SCRUM). This enables customers to mitigate “the greatest pain” promptly and to implement the requirements gradually. This enables customers to mitigate “the greatest pain” promptly and to implement the requirements gradually. The implementation can be suspended for a certain time, because priorities have shifted or because the benefits of even more detailed planning are no longer worth the added value or …

Customer already has a benefit at the beginning of implementation and not just at the end!

Advantages for the customer:

  • Investment security (after each release, implementation can be stopped)
  • The specification for all requirements does not have to be finished in detail at the beginning of the Implementation
  • It is worked in 3 weeks sprints
  • After each sprint, a testable result is delivered to the customer
  • Stories (tasks for the team) for the next sprint can be created during a sprint
  • The story with the highest priority is first worked out (“greatest pain”)
  • The stories are newly prioritized for each sprint
  • The customer can already work productively with saprima® before it is completely finished
  • The customer can change the requirements during implementation

Do you have anymore questions? We help you!

  • Oct 24 / 2016
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saprima® Kanban Board

saprima® also supports agile project management methods. In the new version, a kanban board is now integrated. In this kanban board, it is possible, depending on the settings of the rights, to create project stories, to book themselves on stories and to move stories in individual areas (for example, ToDo, in Progress, Ready). Of course, team members can also track their remaining hours or the status of the story. The kanban board can be used as a saprima® usecase or as an APP via tablet or smartphone in the browser.

On Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 at 11:00, we will present the saprima®Kanban Board in a webinar.


Sign in Webinar „saprima®: Scrum und traditionelles PM in einem Tool“ am 27.10.2016 11:00 Uhr



  • Aug 25 / 2016
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saprima® classic Method combined with agile Method

Classic projectmethod from idea to realization

  • create projectstructure (project, WBS, activities, milestones) in saprima®
  • detailled planning of activities with relations in gantt for exact scheduling
  • Roleplanning on WBS – level in saprima® e.G. for offer calculation
  • Tracking of the project in the proposal phase through to ordering respectively realization in saprima®

    Realization of the project takes place with an agile method!

Agile method (Scrum) in the realization

  • saprima® offers the possibility of a classic project, automatically generate a structure for agile methods
  • For later reproducibility, a baseline of the project will be created automatically
  • saprima® takes over the role planning of the project and creates a role planning on Sprint level
  • Efforts from employee – planning on story- orfunction level is subtracted automatically from role planning
    => No double planning of efforts

Despite different methods, is continuous resource management in saprima® possible!

  • Jul 06 / 2016
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Webinar scenario planning with saprima ® on 07/13/2016 at 11:00

Sign up for our webinar on 07/13/2016 at 11:00

Scenario planning with sparima®

For the Tool-based scenario planning, it is important that the scenario planning is not done directly with your current projects. Ideally you have in one tool all projects with the ressourceeffort and costdata available and can compare it with the scenarios.

In saprima® we have the following options:

  • Scheduling in saprima®
  • Role and Resource Planning in
  • Cost Planning and Costoverview in 
  • Copy of the current projects in a Szenarioporfolio in
  • Compare and analyze the scenario‘s with the current projects in 
  • Transferring scenario projects in current projects in

The flexibility and the architecture of saprima® allows these process steps directly in a web front end. An easy creation of reports and dashboards, allows to compare differnt scenario plans including the current project data. Scenario plans can be transferred to current plans. For comparison you can create with different scenarios and current projects, various “scenario portfolios” create.

  • Jun 28 / 2016
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New saprima Version 3.6 released

“saprima® in version 3.6 supports all project participants from project staff to top management

Holistic project management often fails because data are not fully covered. Thereby decision relevant data are not available real-time.

This is not unusualthat project participants, wich have to enter data have the smallest benefit. Therefore it is important, for the introduction of multi-project management, as well as later, to make sure that all participants get maximum benefit through the system.

saprima®, provides in the version 3.6, tools to facilitate the input and offer the possibility of automatically independently perform certain process steps. Also important is a decentralized data capture, which will take place in the future, more and more on mobile devices.

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