Webinar: saprima®: SCRUM and classic PM in a multi-project environment on 18.07.2019 11:00 am

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SCRUM is the most common agile method with which development projects can be handled very well. With simple tools like SCRUM board with story slips and a simple burndown graphic sticking to the wall, it's easy to get an overview of the ongoing work in the project. But what about management, if it wants to know.
Wie sieht es aber für das Management aus, wenn es wissen will

“What can still be done on projects this year?”
"Did we earn anything on this project?"

For this it is necessary that resource planning is carried out at least on a roll basis. For a target / actual comparison, the effort must be recorded and evaluated.
This usually happens in different tools (MS Excel, SCRUM-TOOL, SAP ...). A holistic view of projects, from the quotation phase to "lessons learned" becomes difficult and time-consuming.

saprima® offers, for each method the necessary functions!

Im Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen, wie man mit saprima® den Projektverlauf von der Angebotsphase (incl. Skill-Management), SCRUM und den Projektabschluss mit Soll-Ist-Vergleich in einer Multiprojektumgebung abbilden kann.

Download Whitepaper "saprima® from the project idea to the agile handling of the project with Scrum".

If you have no time on 18.07.2019, you can contact us and make an appointment for a personal webinar with us. We will deal directly with your requirements in the live system.