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  • Jul 22 / 2019
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Release Notes saprima Version 5.0

General information about the new version of saprima®

From the start, saprima® was developed as a dynamic, flexible and quickly adaptable system to customer requirements. This was consistently continued in version 5.0. Thus, it is possible to respond quickly to inquiries from customers and to be able to implement them quickly. Since we always try to implement customer requirements in a dynamic and parameterizable way, we are able to continuously expand saprima® with practical functions and to comply with a release cycle of approx. 6 months. The architecture of saprima® allows functions to be developed specifically for customers and not included in the standard version, which is reusable in the new versions.

saprima® Version 5.0

Due to the changed license conditions of Java from version 11, saprima® now also supports OpenJDK. An upgrade of the application server to application server ver 15.0.1 wildfly (JBoss) and the DMS has been updated to support JSR 170 and JSR 283.

Extension of the reporting database

Previously, it was difficult to output the UDF’s (Custom Fields) for initiatives and resources in a report. As of version 5.0, all UDF’s are available as standard in the reporting database and can be included in reports with AdHoc report by using drag and drop. In version 5.0 it is now also possible to get the spread data about the initiative and not only as previously only via the resource structure.

Change bucket plan

In version 5.0, the column width can now be adjusted and saved in the layout, so that when the bucket plane / layout is called, the adjusted column width is set again.

Rights to resources

In the previous version of saprima®, the rights to resources had to be granted by creating additional structures (secondary structures). Now it is possible to assign users with specific rights in each structure to the node. The creation of additional rights structures is no longer necessary.

Usecase Team Management

In addition to the interactive use cases GANTT, Kanban and Visual Management UDF saprima®, a new use case “Team Management” has been added.
Here the project team members are displayed in rows on the left side. And on the right side, a board is divided into time slices. You can now assign the processes to the employees by dragging and dropping. In addition to the processes, you can display the project milestones so that it is possible to check directly in the use case whether a process is still within the project start and end of the project.

Enter and display formulas in the grid directly

If you had to define previously calculated values via the Rule engine as a rule and display them in the layout, you can now enter formulas directly in the layout. The values are calculated and displayed directly in the frontend.

Usecase GANTT
In the Gantt Usecase, bars can now be colored differently with freely selectable colors, depending on the type of initiative. You can define additional bars. For example, the start and end dates of the additional bar may be the start of the contract and the contract end of the project. These bars can be of type Date or any initiative date by UDFs. All these settings can be saved in a layout.

See https://www.saprima.de/2018/07/11/saprima-visuelles-projektmanagment/

Create new project

A higher-level node can be configured with a rule that the project ID with a specific prefix is automatically incremented below this node (step size can be defined). In addition, a template can be defined, which is basically used under these nodes when creating a new system. The user only needs to select the program (parent node) and click on the “New” button. The project is then automatically generated from a template and the ID is assigned automatically.


Hide the Resource Utilization graph

Permissions now control whether someone can see the resource assignments in the Use Initiatives or GANTT usecase, but not their usage graph.

  • Dec 13 / 2018
  • Comments Off on saprima® Portfolio-, integrated Skill- and Resourcemanagement

saprima® Portfolio-, integrated Skill- and Resourcemanagement

here: Registration for  the Webinar „saprima® Portfolio-, integrated Skill- and Resourcemanagement“am 20.12.2018 11:00 Uhr

Having an overview of all current projects is important and easy to visualize in MS Excel. It becomes more difficult if you have to present all current and expected projects, taking into account deadlines and resource availability!

This requires a tool in which you can save the project master data with any number of attributes. Attributes must be able to calculate key figures for the prioritization of the projects. In addition, it must be checked again and again whether sufficient resources are available in the processing period of the individual projects.

saprima® offers the necessary functions for individual company divisions or the entire company!

With saprima® you can:

  • Import project data from various tools or record directly in saprima®
  • Manage role and resource master data in saprima®
  • Perform role planning on projects that are still far in the future
  • Schedule employees in ongoing projects
  • to use an integrated “KANBAN Tool” for the agile processing of projects
  • Evaluate resource capacities in tabular and graphical form
  • Represent projects in different portfolios

If you have no time on 20.12.2018, you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment for a personal webinar with us. In doing so, we will deal directly with your requirements in the live system.

make an appointment


Tel.: 0871/202166-22 E-Mail: info@saprima.de

Download Whitepaper „integriertes Ressourcenmanagement“

Your saprima Tema  wish you a merry Christmas

  • Jun 13 / 2018
  • Comments Off on Webinar saprima® Resource Overview – integrated resource management“ at 2018/06/21 at 11:00 AM

Webinar saprima® Resource Overview – integrated resource management“ at 2018/06/21 at 11:00 AM

Webinar registration „saprima® Resource Overview – integrated resource management“ at 2018/06/21 at 11:00 AM

The resource overview is still the number one topic in the business. The introduction is not trivial, it requires discipline from project leaders and resource managers, and the complete project data in one system.

 What is integrated resource management?

In many companies, resource management is done in such way or simular:

  • Scheduling in MS Project or other scheduling tool
  • Budget and cost planning in the ERP system
  • Resource Management in MS Excel
  • or scheduling in MS Project and processing the project according to SCRUM in a Kanban tool

“One resource (employee) is 100% scheduled several times over the same period in different projects”

With saprima® we pursue the following approach:

  • Import project data from various tools or record directly in saprima®
  • Resource master data in saprima®
  • Schedule employees in ongoing projects
  • Role planning for projects still far in the future
  • Use of the integrated “KANBAN Tool”
  • Introduction of resource management step by step (agile)

If you have no time on 2018/06/2017 , you can contact us and make an appointment for a personal webinar with us. In doing so, we will deal directly with your requirements in the live system.

make an Appointment


Tel.:  +49 871/202166-22 E-Mail: info@saprima.de

Download Whitepaper „integriertes Ressourcenmanagement“


saprima GmbH Team

  • Oct 05 / 2017
  • Comments Off on (Deutsch) Kostenloses saprima Kanban Board

(Deutsch) Kostenloses saprima Kanban Board

saprima® offers you, in the version 4.0, a Kanban board for Android and iOS free of charge. With this Kanban Board, you can manage several tasks (Stories) after registration. You can assign planned values, schedule start, and end of schedule. And you can enter the actual data per task. This data is stored in the cloud in the saprima® backend. Simple tasks can be created and processed with this Kanban Board.

This kanban board is also available in the saprima® full version. Here you can manage more projects and manage portfolio and resource management, no matter which project management method you use. If you need more information, please contact us!

Website: http://www.saprima.de

Phone: +49 871 /202166 22

E-Mail: info@saprima.de

Google Play Store

  • Oct 24 / 2016
  • Comments Off on saprima® Kanban Board

saprima® Kanban Board

saprima® also supports agile project management methods. In the new version, a kanban board is now integrated. In this kanban board, it is possible, depending on the settings of the rights, to create project stories, to book themselves on stories and to move stories in individual areas (for example, ToDo, in Progress, Ready). Of course, team members can also track their remaining hours or the status of the story. The kanban board can be used as a saprima® usecase or as an APP via tablet or smartphone in the browser.

On Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 at 11:00, we will present the saprima®Kanban Board in a webinar.


Sign in Webinar „saprima®: Scrum und traditionelles PM in einem Tool“ am 27.10.2016 11:00 Uhr



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